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Testimonials from our clients

Testimonials from our clients If you are reading this it is probably because you are considering working with Jessica Rosenthal of Brighton Business Support Services

Please do not, under any circumstances, engage the services of Jessica.

Jessica will make you lazy and will give you an inferiority complex. She will do everything that used to take you 20 hours a week and probably bill you for 5 hours work. She will sort out all the administrative problems that you keep putting off and make you wonder why you never dealt with them yourself.

She will make available to you accurate financial and accounting information that will allow you to better control your business and improve your profit. This alone will repay the pittance you pay her many times over. If you let Jessica organise your office work you will have more time to sit and think. But this is not necessarily a good thing because it will probably lead to you wondering why you are so stupid that you never thought to engage a top class virtual personal assistant before.

Jessica has never, ever let me down. She has never made a promise that she has not kept and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any prospective client.
Stephen Diver - Sash Man Windows I cannot recommend you highly enough! When I first left my disorganised carrier bag full of misery at your feet I felt like the cruellest woman on earth.

When it was ready for collection so swiftly and without the many phonecalls I was expecting to query my mismanagement of everything, I realised that I had found someone who actually could deal with financial things with ease and a level of professionalism I had only dreamed about. Thank you so much for being so calm and kind.

Best Wishes for your next year! Sarah Clark Partner 157 design

Its always a pleasure to give a testimonial and the service we received from brighton business support services is very deserving.

As a rule we are quite hopeless when it comes to organising data on our computer, I do not have the time nor the skill to get the job done quickly and efficiently, this is where Jessica comes in, who can give you the support in a whole load of different ways, just ask is my advice. It saved us time and money, so thankyou bbss.

peter metcalfe active insurance and mortgage services

We have found the use of your service particularly useful becaue we believe it has contributed to our business in two very important ways; 1- It has saved us time - thus increasing the productivity of our business. 2- It has saved us money - thus increasing the profitability of our business. We also feel that the variety of the skills you possess make your offering unique. For example, VAT returns, reference checking, letter writing, process monitoring, record-keeping, invoice paying and even chasing debtors on occasions! You also offer flexibility which is vital in today's business climate as we all have to respond quickly to changes and the demand that this places upon us. We always know that, within reasonable time frames, you will deliver what we ask of you. Finally, it is the manner and attitude in which you carry everything out which has made it a pleasure to work with you. A real 'can-do' approach. Kind regards, Andy Williams & Stephen Diver. The Ultimate Guide.

After starting Nido Marketing back in January 2003, we decided to start off doing all our bookkeeping and VAT returns in house - what a mistake!!

It took ages, and we had to constantly check and re-check all our figures. When our second VAT return was due, we decided that enough was enough, and got in touch with Jessica.

She was absolutely fantastic! We handed over a pile of paperwork, and within a few days she had filled in our VAT return and given us a full breakdown in an Excel spreadsheet.

Jessica is now doing our bookkeeping as well as our VAT returns, and has given us real peace of mind knowing that this important aspect of running our own business is fully taken care of.

I would recommend Jessica and Brighton Business Support Services to anyone who is doing their own accounts and VAT. Apart from being extremely efficient, the bill we were presented with was very reasonable and to top it all Jessica is a lovely person who really cares about the people and companies she works with.
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